Our Story | TIPACL
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TIPACL Inc has been operating in Townsville since 1987. We are a small local community organisation that supports people with disability in a way that reflects their individual needs and lifestyles.


TIPACL was originally sponsored by James Cook University. We were established in response to an urgent need for services for five young adults with severe and profound disabilities and high support needs.


TIPACL has evolved over the years into a developmental service where we are committed to working with participants and their families in individualised programs where the majority of support is one-to-one. Lifestyle Support Workers support participants in accessing the community and integration into recreational, vocational and educational activities. We also assist people living in their own homes, attending appointments and developing their life skills.


TIPACL aims to assist people to meet the challenges of everyday life by providing excellence in service. We are dedicated to the highest quality of service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and spirit.


Our Lifestyle Support Workers


TIPACL prides itself on having motivated, committed and well-trained workers to ensure we deliver quality services to those we support. Our workforce is made up of permanent employees to make sure that participants are always being supported by people they know and trust. Our low staff turnover means that we can provide continuity and consistency when delivering services.


We strive to match personalities; likes and interests that best suit the individual we are supporting.



Quality Accreditation


TIPACL has been independently certified as meeting all the requirements of the Human Services Quality Standards (HSQS) to support people with disability in the community since 2007.



Lifestyle Manager


Matthew has been working at TIPACL since 2004. In that time he completed his Educational Services Degree at James Cook University and has worked as a Lifestyle Support Worker and various other roles in the organization.


Matt specialises in Positive Behaviour Support Practices and has completed training through the Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Support. Matt is committed to working with participants and their support networks to continue skill building and living valued and meaningful lives in the community.


Lifestyle Manager


In 2002, Sarah commenced working at TIPACL as the cleaner and shortly after became a Lifestyle Support Worker. During this time, Sarah was studying Education however she discovered her passion was supporting people with disability.


Sarah completed a Bachelor of Educational Services and continued on at TIPACL as part of the Management and Administration Team. Sarah works closely with individuals and their families/guardians to develop strategies to make sure that the person’s needs and goals are met.


Executive Manager


Melanie has over 12 years’ experience working in the disability sector. Melanie started working as a Lifestyle Support Worker at TIPACL while she was completing her Bachelor of Business – Bachelor of Arts in Communication at James Cook University.


Melanie oversees the day-to-day running of the organisation, including Human Resources and Finance. Melanie is also a member of the Queensland Community Services Employers Association (QCSEA) management committee.